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Designed To Protect Your Web Browser!

Ti-Took™ is created to better protect your web browser. Ti-Took™ is a
Web Browser Security Solution with a built-in web browser. Now your web
browsing experience can be Faster, Safer and more Personalized.

It's free and easy to install
For Windows 7/Vista/XP SP2

Joining Ti-Took™ In 3 Quick Steps
Create your Ti-Took™ account with the invitation code that is provided by Ti-Took™.

Invitation Code: montitook Download Ti-Took™.
Step 3
Fasten your seatbelt and enjoy the ride!

Probably the fastest browser in the world (based on Google Chromium open-source code). Easy bookmark management, with automatic import from your current browser (IE, Firefox, Chrome) and synchronization in one location.

Browse the web with ONE password. Personalize your browser’s appearance separately from other members of the household.

Provide phishing protection against “identity theft”.
Ti-Took’s URL Coloring helps detect phishing scams.